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Hampden County
Bar Association
P.O. Box 559 ยท 50 State Street
Springfield, MA 01102-0559

Telephone: (413) 732-4660
Facsimile: (413) 732-6882

Founded in 1864, the Hampden County Bar Association is a county association representing the interests of lawyers living and/or working in Hampden County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The Hampden County Bar Association is a volunteer organization of lawyers which serves lawyers, the justice system, and the public. It provides professional support, education and networking opportunities to its members, and advocacy on behalf of lawyers, the judiciary, and the public.


The core values of the Hampden County Bar Association are professionalism, equal access to the legal system for all, and an unwavering commitment to the legal profession, to each other and the people we serve.


  1. To maintain the honor of the profession
  2. To promote the administration of justice
  3. To advance the art of jurisprudence
  4. To foster and encourage cooperation and goodwill among the members of the Bar


  1. To increase and develop the membership, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusion
  2. To provide members opportunities for networking, mentoring, and social events
  3. To ensure that the Hampden County Bar Association has the infrastructure, financial resources, personnel, technology and facilities to accomplish its mission and goals.




                               *Sustaining Members over two consecutive years