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Hampden County
Bar Association
P.O. Box 559 ยท 50 State Street
Springfield, MA 01102-0559

Telephone: (413) 732-4660
Facsimile: (413) 732-6882

Bankruptcy Section

Section Chair
Michael B. Katz, Esquire

The Hampden County Bar Association recently established a Bankruptcy Section. The Bankruptcy Section recognizes that insolvency related issues effect a large portion of our community, including individuals, families, and businesses; and the need for a local organization that is passionate about working to increase bankruptcy education and ensuring the presence of a fair, just, and efficient bankruptcy process.

The mission of this Section is to enhance knowledge to both members of the bar and the general public regarding insolvency and related bankruptcy laws and procedure. The Section serves as a liaison between its members and other organizations, including the judiciary, the legislature, other bar associations, and the general public. The Section is also dedicated to support and assist the public with issues regarding bankruptcy and its consequences, including encouraging its members to participate in pro bono and reduced fee matters, as well as various other public service activities; and this Section seeks to ensure that it attracts and maintains attorney members of the highest ethical and moral standards, as well as those who are highly competent or desire to become highly competent in the area of bankruptcy law.


For more information or to become involved in the Hampden County Bar Association Bankruptcy Section, please contact the chair of the Bankruptcy Section, Attorney Michael B. Katz at (413) 781-0560 or via email at mkatz@baconwilson.com or Noreen E. Nardi, Executive Director, at (413) 732-4660 or click here to send us an email.