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Hampden County
Bar Association
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Springfield, MA 01102-0559

Telephone: (413) 732-4660
Facsimile: (413) 732-6882

Lawyer Referral & Information Service

The Hampden County Bar Association maintains a Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS) through which participating attorneys receive referrals of potential clients who seek the assistance from the Bar Association.  The Hampden County Bar Association's LRIS is the only LRIS program in the state that meets American Bar Association standards for lawyer referral.

Participating attorneys become members of a panel of attorneys versed in a variety of legal subject matters. Clients are screened and have indicated that, except for contingent fee cases, they can pay for an attorney. Any fee generated is divided between you (85%) and the HCBA (15%). It is important that private attorneys are available to potential clients who are unfamiliar with the legal system.

As an added benefit, panel attorneys are invited to participate on a Reduced Rate Panel at no additional charge.  Reduced fee referrals will be made in the areas of law currently on the panel member’s application.  The reduced fee panel attorneys agree to charge a fee of no more than $75.00 per hour.  The Reduced Fee Panel will not be required to submit the standard 15% referral fee on qualified, hourly fee based cases

If you are interested in joining the Hampden County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral & Information Service please contact us one of the following ways..

By Phone: (413) 732-4660 or via email.
Click here to download a Lawyer Referral Service Application [PDF]
Click here to download the LAR Panel Qualification for LRIS
Click here to download the Lawyer Referral & Information Service Rules

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) Panel:

What is LAR?

An attorney making a limited appearance on behalf of a self-represented litigant shall file with the clerk’s office in the court in which the case is filed or being filed a Notice of Limited Appearance in the form approved by the Chief Justice. The Notice of Limited Appearance shall clearly identify the event(s) and/or purpose(s) for which the attorney and the client have agreed that the attorney will assist the client and shall be accompanied by a certification in the form approved by the Chief Justice that the attorney has completed the information session required in paragraph 4 of this order. Any limited appearance filed in connection with a court event shall extend to all issues scheduled or reasonably anticipated to be considered at that event unless the court permits otherwise. The Notice of Limited Appearance must be signed by the attorney and the party.

As a prerequisite to filing any limited appearance under the terms of this Standing Order, an attorney must complete an information session on LAR approved by the Chief Justice.  Once you do so, please complete the Attorney Statement of Qualification.  Attorneys interested in participating in the new LAR Panel should complete the LAR Panel Application.

"Use of the ABA Lawyer Referral and Information Service logo indicates that this lawyer referral program has been reviewed by the ABA and meets the specific public service standards established by the ABA. ABA approved lawyer referral programs:

  • Agree to establish and maintain objective experience requirements for their panel attorneys
  • Provide a mechanism for client feedback and for resolving client complaints
  • Do not limit the number of attorneys who may join the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, provided that they meet the objective requirements for panel membership
  • Require and verify that all panel attorneys carry legal malpractice insurance

Use of the logo indicates that this program meets ABA standards for lawyer referral services. The ABA
does not review the qualifications of the individual lawyers who participate in the service. For more details on the ABA standards, visit