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Arbitration & Mediation

The Arbitration and Mediation Service of the Hampden County Bar Association is proud to present a roster of highly qualified mediators and arbitrators. The members of our panel, as an accommodation to the Bar Association, have agreed to serve at substantially reduced rates for arbitrations, mediations or case evaluations. Indeed, many of our panel members independently mediate and arbitrate cases at higher rates. Why not conserve resources by coordinating your arbitrations or mediations through the Hampden County Bar Association? We encourage you to support your bar association by keeping the Arbitration and Mediation Service in mind for alternative dispute resolution.  The following is the current roster of Arbitrators/Mediators on our panel: 

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Mark J. Albano, Esquire
Robert H. Astor, Esquire
John G. Bagley, Esquire
Patricia A. Barbalunga, Esquire
Lisa Brodeur-McGan, Esquire
M. Trant Campbell, Esquire
Neil C. Darragh, Esquire
Mark E. Draper, Esquire
Kevin C. Giordano, Esquire
Curtis E. Hartman, Esquire
Honorable Cheryl A. Jacques (Ret.)
Daniel M. Kelly, Esquire
Thomas A. Kenefick, III, Esquire
Carl W. Lindley, Jr., Esquire
Honorable Marie E. Lyons (Ret.)
James F. Martin, Esquire
A. Richard Mason, Esquire
John J. McCarthy, Esquire
Cherie L. McKenna, Esquire
L. Jeffrey Meehan, Esquire
Keith A. Minoff, Esquire
Richard C. Morrissey, Esquire
Nancy Frankel Pelletier, Esquire
Dennis P. Powers, Esquire
Robert L. Quinn, Esquire
Paul H. Rothschild, Esquire
Earlon L. Seeley, Jr.
Jennifer A. Thorn, Esquire
Honorable Peter A. Velis, (Ret.)
Gregory A. Wolf, Esquire

If you would like more information regarding the service our Information Sheet is available for download. You can also contact the Hampden County Bar Association via email or call (413) 748-7951 or Click here to download a pdf copy of our Arbitration and Mediation Services Roster and Information Sheet.

For interested members to join our panel:

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Click here to access the Arbitration Rules
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P.O. Box 559 • 50 State Street • Springfield, MA 01102-0559
Telephone: (413) 748-7951 • Facsimile: (413) 732-6882 • Click Here to Email