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Labor & Employment Section

Meaghan E. Murphy, Esquire
Meaghan MurphyEsq.

Labor & Employment Section Chair

The mission of the Hampden County Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Section is to enhance the knowledge of labor and employment law among members of the bar and the general public. The Labor and Employment Section recognizes that workplace-related legal issues have a considerable impact on our community, including individuals, families, and businesses; and that a local organization that is focused on education about workplace rights and responsibilities and ensuring the fair and efficient administration of justice for employees and employers alike is important to a thriving regional community.

The Section serves as a liaison between its members and other organizations, including the judiciary, the legislature, other bar associations, and the general public. The Section also assists the public with issues regarding labor and employment through various public service activities. The Section promotes civility and cooperation among its members in furtherance of advancing the interests of justice. Finally, the Section seeks to attract and maintain attorney members of the highest ethical and moral standards, as well as those who are highly competent or desire to become highly competent in the area of labor and employment law. For more information please contact the HCBA office at (413) 732-4660 or by email.

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