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Why use the Hampden County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service?

In the age of the Internet, it is easier than ever to find a lawyer, but it's not easy to find the right lawyer for your needs.

The Hampden County Bar has been helping people find the right lawyer for more than 45 years, and is the only referral service in Massachusetts to be approved by the American Bar Association. The Hampden County Bar Association knows local lawyers, and we know the Hampden County court system better than any other service.  We match people with legal issues with qualified local attorneys.  So, make a personal connection and use the Hampden County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral & Information Service. We continue to be your trusted source to find local lawyers that can help you with your local legal needs.

Hampden County Bar Association's Lawyer Referral|  413-732-4648

How does the Lawyer Referral Service Work?

Hampden County Bar Association employees, like court clerks, are prohibited by law from giving legal advice or answering legal questions.  Our role is to identify your legal need and refer you to a local lawyer that works in the area of law that you need help with, a lawyer that is a member in good standing with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Hampden County Bar Association.  We gather some information from you, such as your name and a phone number, so that we can share that information with the attorney via email.  That way, the lawyer's office knows that you will be contacting them.

Do I get to see the lawyer for 30 minutes?

Almost all initial consultations are completed over the phone with the lawyer or sometimes with their intake staff.  In most instances an intake interview will not take 30 minutes.  Sometimes, after speaking with a client and determining the work that they want done, a lawyer will conclude that it might not be cost-effective, for the client, or themselves, to handle a particular matter.  The lawyer would likely talk to you about other options in cases such as this.

Will the attorney represent me?

We cannot guarantee that the lawyer will be able to assist you. Similarly, we cannot require you to hire the lawyer we refer you to.  If, after the initial consultation you are comfortable with the lawyer, you decide if you want to retain him or her, and they decide if they wish to take you on as a client.

What does a lawyer charge?

The Hampden County Bar Association does not set any minimum or maximum fees for lawyers.   Lawyers set their own fees based on a number of factors.  We always recommend that you ask about  fees and acceptable methods of payment during the initial consultation

 Would I benefit from Limited Assistance Representation?

Limited Assistance Representation (LAR) is when an attorney represents or assists a litigant with part, but not all, of his or her legal matter, instead of the standard full representation on an entire case. With LAR, litigants can engage an attorney for part of the case—a crucial event, like the case management conference or a motion to dismiss—without the costs of full representation. The attorney and litigant enter into a detailed agreement defining what tasks the attorney will be responsible for and what tasks the litigant will be responsible for.

What if I can't afford a lawyer?

Virtually everyone will need to hire a lawyer as some point in their lifetime.  Professional legal services are rarely planned for but are often necessary.  If you are low-income or in poverty, you may benefit from speaking to an attorney for brief advice through our Legal Clinic’s Lawyer for the Day Programs.  You may also qualify for free legal services through Community legal aid.

I have a complaint about the lawyer I hired, do I call the Hampden County Bar Association?

We do not handle complaints.  That is the responsibility of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers.

I have a lawyer but want a different one, what do I do?

One you have entered into an agreement with a lawyer no other lawyer can talk with you about the legal matter.  If you no longer want the lawyer representing you, terminate the relationship by sending the him or her a certified letter.  Once you receive confirmation of receipt form the Post Office you may hire another lawyer.

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